The Americans with Disabilities Act at 25: Cause for Celebration and Renewed Resolve

by Elizabeth Priaulx

Jul 1, 2015
In this report, we review the progress our nation has made since the historic enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. We highlight the critical role that P&As have in enforcing the ADA integration mandate, protecting and advocating for people with disabilities still trapped in institutions and ensuring those now living in their community of choice are able to access the supports and services they need to be successful. Our report calls attention to disturbing national trends that threaten to distort and weaken the promise of full community integration. Among them:
  • Moving from Large Facilities to Smaller but Equally Isolating Settings
  • A Proliferation of Intentional "Disability-only" Settings.
  • Outsized Influence of A Small Minority of Individuals Over Olmstead Enforcement Activities
  • Public Demand for Increased Use of State Psychiatric Hospitals and Involuntary Outpatient Commitment.
  • School System Reluctance to Move away from Segregated Classrooms.
Finally, the report provides recommendations for federal and state action to mitigate these threats and to vigorously promote community-based services and supports for Americans with disabilities.
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